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Rijjel Artistry by Rida is an online resin art store, predominantly offering high-end luxury furnishings like consoles, tables, coasters, wall art, trays, dining tables and much more. Not only Rijjel is about resin craft but also pays great attention to detail in reviving bygone art, spirituality and culture to your homes.

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Our unique variety is not just rare but very personalized to our customer’s demand. Hence, our Sufi dervish and Mughal art over consoles, tables and coasters say more than we can ever brag about.

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We’re committed to delivering highest quality wood, metal or marble with the best-in-class resin colours to maintain our legacy and the prestige of your home.

making resin art fun for all

We love sharing what we do and that’s why we’ve introduced special resin kits for people who want to get their hands dirty and create magical resin crafts. That’s not it, we also offer comprehensive training around how to use it and where to apply for its best outcomes. Thus, we flourish while we help others grow.

nationwide deliveries

No matter where you sit in the country, our nationwide delivery network delivers right at your doorstep in its perfect shape and condition in the best possible pricing ever.

custom made with love

We create pieces that suit your taste, environment, ambience and most importantly, your budget. Thus, we’re always open to custom orders and do it with love, care and heart on it.

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  • Sabeena Agha Turab
    Rida is a super-talented gurl n she's got magic in her artwork! YESSS!!! Love love LOVEE her artwork n sense of creativity! Got my ordered painting yesterday n it was much more than amazing! One thing I wud like to share is how much effort she put in getting my painting framed with the type I like. She gave me numerous options for frame selection n even waited for my final decision for the sake of my ultimate satisfaction. I'm much more than satisfied with her work overall n her work is for sure HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
    Sabeena Agha Turab
  • Sara Zubair Ahmed
    Proficient, esthetically over-flown, hardworking and humble. Never disappoints me on my any order. I would say, not a jack of all, she is master of all.
    Sara Zubair Ahmed
  • Sidra Verdafi
    Rida, you are a true inspiration to all art lovers out there; thinking out of the box, dedication, sweetheart and a professional are some small words that describe her craft. She is a gem of a person. People say Art can speak things that can't always be said with words. That's how I felt when my Live edge table was delivered to me and I was not able to take my eyes off it. She listens to every particular detail and with her magic makes it more mesmerising. Thank you so much  already look forward to ordering more artwork from you. stay blessed. 🙂
    Sidra Verdafi
  • Meem Khan
    This girl is made of fairy dust and her hands dance to the tune of art! she is a blank anvas and paints as you like and she will produce a piece that leaves you agape craving more. I have established an amazing rapport with her. When we spoke it's like tan sen complementing taani in sur taal and sangeet. Ideas flow like wild rivers in tidal waves and we always end up creating a piece to remember. creativity, ingenuity, experimentation at its very best!
    Meem Khan
  • Sumra Ali Butt
    She made and she conquered ♥️ Rida is truly a kind-hearted and talented lady and has done a tremendous job. In a short span of time, she not only delivered what I said but only updated me throughout.. considered my every opinion and likings!! Most importantly, she is a gem of a person inside out. Highly recommended for resin decor!
    Sumra Ali Butt

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