Purchase, Exchange & Return Policy

Product Details

  • All the pictures shown on the website will be of original artwork and design by RIJJEL.
  • As all the pieces are handmade and worked on individually, each piece is one of a kind and any piece you order again may differ slightly from the previous piece.
  • A minimum of 10 days time is required for a project (art piece) to be completed.
  • Urgent Orders will only be applicable on the pieces that are ready to be dispatched; otherwise minimum number of days will be required (as mentioned above).

Order Process, Purchasing and Cancellation

  • Placing an order automatically means that you agree with the terms and conditions of RIJJEL
  • By clicking the “BUY NOW/PLACE MY ORDER” button, you have placed your order and are now in an agreement with RIJEL to buy the items in your shopping cart.
  • In case of Order confirmation, an email or message will be sent on the email address or number provided by the customer.
  • RIJJEL has the authority, at its discretion, to accept or reject an order.
  • Once the purchasing has been made and order confirmation has been sent, RIJJEL will only be responsible to inform on the day of dispatching the order.
  • Customer can cancel an order within the first 6 days of the date the order was placed. Any order cancellation request will NOT be entertained if the order is ready to be dispatched.


  • Orders will take 2 working days to be delivered within Karachi, from the date of Dispatch.
  • Orders that need to be delivered outside Karachi will take at least 4 working days, from the date of Dispatch.
  • Any delay in delivery due to weather conditions or any other uncertainty may or may not be notified to the customers.

Payment Methods and Policy

  • Cash on Delivery is available only for deliveries within Karachi.
  • For delivery in cities other than Karachi, advance payment is required to be made through Bank Transfer.
  •  In case of a Bank transfer, you will receive an invoice including our banking details by email. You shall be obligated to pay the amount due without delay in full, including any bank charges. Our acceptance of your order, in this case, will be subject to receipt of your payment.
  • For delivery outside Pakistan, any additional custom-taxes, duties, fees, imposts, tariffs and charges that may be raised by particular countries or authorities related to the conclusion or execution of Order shall be borne by the customer.
  • In the event of obvious errors on the Website or made in connection with your Order, RIJJEL reserves the right to correct the error and charge you the correct price. In such a situation, we will contact you and offer you the option of purchasing the order at the correct price or cancelling your Order.

Return Policy

  • In case the object is damaged during delivery or any other issue, the client is to notify RIJJEL on the same day the order is delivered.
  • The customer needs to return the defected product within 3 days time.
  • In case of a return, the client has to bear the Delivery charges if the charges are below Rs.1500. In case the delivery charges are above Rs.1500 team RIJJEL will bear the cost of delivery.
  • The amount to be returned will be transferred through Bank within 24 hours of receiving the damaged object.

For more information or query, write to us at hello@rijjel.com. We will assist you accordingly.